Storage of furniture and property

Storage provided by Złotnicki Przeprowadzki

Taking into consideration the comfort and security of our clients’ property and the fact that a move does not always take place directly to the new location, we have 200m2 of storage space available. Our warehouses are guarded around the clock and their location provides quick access to the required items. We store furniture as well as any interior furnishings and personal belongings. All items are properly packed, stacked and secured. All this for the safety of your property and maximum comfort when moving.

Thanks to our storage services, you do not need to worry about where to leave your belongings, in case of your new premises being not yet ready to move into.

In order to provide a sense of safety and eliminate any concerns about your property, we cover the entire amount of property entrusted to us with insurance up to PLN 2,000,000 (two million zlotys), using the secure and guaranteed services of the InterRisk company.

The rent for 1m2 of space is 89 PLN/month.

Ie. storage box 3 x 3 x 3 / Price:

  • 19.99 zł net per day up to 14th day
  • 15.99 zł net per day from 14th till 30th day
  • From 30th day 299 zł per month

Guarded warehouses, monitored area. Available only with our employees from Monday to Saturday.

Furniture storage, garage for furniture, storage rooms, sports equipment seasoning, warehouse for sportsmen and builders, garage for a motorbike.