Price inquiry for individuals

Price Inquiry

Preliminary Information

During a removal, there are 2 employees and one moving van driver per each room (per removal).

  • 1 room – 2 employees, 1 driver (moving van)
  • 2 rooms – 4 employees, 1 driver (moving van + passenger car)
  • 4 rooms – 9 employees, 1 driver (moving van + 2 passenger cars)

Small van – from 20 to 25 cubic metres – PLN 1.99/km – the van is rented together with the driver.
Large van – from 35 to 55 cubic metres – PLN 3.99/km – the van is rented together with the driver.
Passenger car – PLN 1/km (car for transport of employees in the case of the removal of more than one room).

The calculations in the form below concern removals in blocks of flats up to the 4th floor without a lift or any other type of blocks of flat with a lift.

Information about protection of property

Packing in film – average price per furniture. NOTE! NOT-PROTECTED equipment is not insured!

  •  Furniture heat-seal film (stretch foil – for wrapping elements that we want to be protected and insured during transport) – PLN 19,50 per element
  • Heat-seal and bubble film (required for electronic equipment, household appliances, computers, monitors, period furniture, veneered furniture, paintings) – PLN 39 per element

Dismantling and assembly to be agreed by phone with a consultant – (42) 681 07 35. Prices from PLN 49 to 299 (precise valuation will be presented after contacting our employee).

Form of the valuation simulation