Notify all persons, offices and institutions that may be interested in your new mailing address. Perform a selection of your clothes, personal belongings and books. It’s the right moment to decide which things you want to take with you and which you would like to part with. Clothes, books or toys that are unnecessary, but in good condition, can be donated to a nearby institution supporting poor and needy people.


  • the cable TV provider,
  • the electric energy company,
  • the telecommunications company,
  • the gas provider.

Four weeks before the planned move, decide whether:

Variant I
You will employ a professional, certified, licensed and insured removals company that will perform a complete door-to-door service, or choose the option where you do the packing yourself and the company supplies only packing materials and secures your furniture using foil.

Variant II
You can choose the cheaper, although not always fair-and-square, option to call a company that charges by the hour, but they may sometimes tend to stretch out the work time, provide an insufficient work-force, which slows down the service; they may also provide cartons purchased in recycling facilities and, worst of all, provide no insurance for the entrusted property.

Variant III
You can also choose the TAXI variant, with a bunch of inexperienced friends. In this case, the entire organization, your furniture’s security and packaging are yours to take care of. The people who offer to help you out, in case of any damage to your furniture or valuables, the building staircase or elevator, bear no liability for the costs of repair, the whole responsibility is your to bear. At this point moving becomes very stressful and you, instead of saving money as planned, will instead have to spend more than you planned (damages and repairs).

Your new mailing address should be given to the institutions you receive mail from (subscriptions, banks, GSM network operators) a week before the move, your outstanding bills have to be paid, it’s advisable to plan the moving day along with your housemates, assign tasks for each of them, or appoint one responsible person.

When packing, it is important to remember to label the contents of cartons; boxes with glass and porcelain should be clearly marked, informing that there are fragile objects inside. We don’t have to keep any of this in mind, when choosing the “door-to-door” type of service – the entire operation, the labeling and all the rest of the responsibility lies with the removal team. This is why it is best to stay out of the way of the moving team, as much as it is possible. In case of any doubts and concerns, just contact the removal manager, who will answer any questions and take your suggestions into account

Sorting should be performed at least 14 days before the scheduled date of service, but the company should provide the packing and tape needed for the move.

A contract between the customer and the consultant representing the moving company is an essential part of the whole operation, ensuring that the move will take place within the planned timeframe, and guaranteeing the company’s liability for any damages that occur during the service.

Invite a consultant who will assist you in choosing the form of service (free of charge), advise you on planning, establish the appropriate number of cartons for packaging, offer additional security – such as wrapping furniture in foil.

Preferably four weeks before the planned move.